I'm a freelancer, a student, and a full-stack web developer highly proficient in CSS, JavaScript, and Golang

About me

I am a self-learned developer, an engineering student, and a freelancer who also happens to be a music buff, a wanderlust, and someone who's just curious about technology & code. Throughout my journey as a freelancer, I have done a wide variety of work and have helped people and businesses be their better online self. I am also a person with flexible working hours, helping me to better work with clients from around the world.

I focus on writing performant and self-documenting code on every project I take resulting in a happy client and a fast user experience. I also help clients who have existing websites reach their website speed and performance goals for better SEO.

I am always working on improving my skills and my next big thing is cross-platform app development using Flutter. Oh and by the way, if you are not sure if I am the right person for the job, just reach out to me. I am pretty open about what I can and can't do and this website isn't sufficient to showcase a 100% of my skills.


Front-End Development

Languages: HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Angular
Tools I Use: Webstorm | Gulp | Figma | Sketch | PhotoShop | Zeplin | Git

Back-End Development

Languages: Golang | NodeJS | MongoDB
Tools I Use: Goland | Webstorm | GraphQL | Firebase | AWS | Git

Native Apps Development

Languages: Dart | Flutter | Angular/Ionic
Tools I Use: Android Studio | XCode | WebStorm | Firebase | SQLite | Git

Web Scraping | Task Automation

Golang | NodeJS | Selenium

On-Page SEO Consultant

Content Planning | Page speed Optimization | Structured Data | Google Analytics


Freelancer, upwork

Worked on 40+ projects and 1000s of hours as a freelancer via Upwork.

Lead Developer, OnDemand

Worked on developing a real-time geospatial web app using Angular, Firebase and Mapbox

Junior Developer, Greater Commons

Worked on developing parts of the frontend and the backend of the platform. Learned and got expertise in Golang.


Bakz A. – Frontend Engineer, AtSign

“Anshul is very reliable and takes his work seriously. He takes ownership of any project or task given to him and completes it to the highest of his ability. It's always a pleasure to work with him as he is very diligent and professional. He has exceeded my expectations for many projects. He also writes clean, well-documented code. Looking forward to working with him more in the future”

Todd McLeod – CEO And Founder, Greater Commons

“Anshul Sanghi receives my strongest recommendation. He is talented, hard-working, and has a great attitude. It has been my pleasure to know Anshul over the last two years. First Anshul was a student in my programming class. He did exceptionally well in this class. His performance was so exemplary that I asked Anshul to work with me on a project, building the Greater Commons platform. Anshul's contributions to this project were also exemplary. Notably, Anshul was working with a team that spoke English, which is a second language for him. Also, Anshul was working remotely. Despite these two hurdles, Anshul was able to still contribute well to the project. He regularly attended online meetings and communicated well with the team. One of Anshul's greatest qualities is his persistence. Despite various hurdles, Anshul stayed focus both on the project's goals and also on his personal goals. I commend Anshul for this as persistence is one of the most important characteristics for success.”

Rolando Mathias – Co-Founder And CDO, PrimaBlock

“Anshul is a very talented frontend developer. I have worked with him on a few projects, all of which required expert CSS, some Javascript, and Angular skills. He executed beautifully on everything. In addition, he is very nice to work with, very responsive, and always goes the extra mile. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Dmitry Poteev – CEO, AdSpark

“We've been working with Anshul on our digital signage project remotely and I definitely would recommend him as one of the best developers I ever worked with due to his professional attitude and striving to deliver everything in time and exactly as required.”

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